Dot’s Guide to Cocktail Glasses

Planning a party, wedding, holiday open house or other gathering where you’re planning to serve cocktails, but clueless about what kinds of glasses to use? Check out our handy guide to glasses and get ready to serve your guests with confidence.

Champagne – flutes or coupes?

The coupe was the glass du jour in the sixties; but nowadays experts say a flute will hold your bubbles better. As far as we’re concerned – pick whichever you like best.

Martini glass

If you’ve seen even one James Bond movie, then you’re already familiar with this iconic shape. Traditionally a martini had a gin or vodka base, now many different types of “martinis” are made, and some even simply refer to this glass as a “cocktail glass,” making it suitable for a variety of drinks.

Tip: If guests are standing or walking around, this glass style can be tricky.

Highball glass

Also known as a “collins glass,” this one is best for drinks with a greater proportion of non-alcoholic mixers that will be served over ice.

Wine Glasses

Ok, we know what they look like, but which is which? Most prefer the larger wine glass for red wines, which have a greater need to be decanted and swirled by true connoisseurs, while the smaller glasses are usually reserved for white wines. Again, you can also go with whichever one you think looks better.

Margarita glass

We’re in Texas, no explanation needed. 😉


Got Glasses? Dot’s does!
We have all of the glasses above available for rental for your next party or gathering. Stop by and see us at 814 N Robison Road in Texarkana, Texas for a free price guide, and let us help you start planning!




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