Choosing a Wedding Hashtag

We know you’ve seen the craze that is the wedding hashtag, and now it’s your turn. If the internet could come together to help a guy with the last name Kleinschmidt with ideas, anyone should be able to come up with a cute and quirky wedding hashtag that will have guests snapping and sharing.

Here are a few steps to get you heading toward hashtag perfection!

Brainstorming phase

Names first!

This is the ideal hashtag situation, your last names combined in some cute way, or just the groom’s name if you will both be using it. Don’t be afraid to get punny and make a joke about your name, just keep it PG – grandma will probably be attending!

Then, add numbers

Adding the year or some other number will help guarantee that your hashtag isn’t being used by a bunch of others, even if your last name is Kleinschmidt, there could always be another, so make sure you…

Test Drive Your Hashtag

Look it up! Sometimes initials and acronyms can stand for something completely different. Don’t be a hashtag hijacker.

Sharing Your Tag

Make Sure Guests Know Your Hashtag

This is the fun part.

Get artsy–  Write it on a chalkboard or other piece of art that can be displayed near the cakes, present table, or other common space you know everyone will pass

Print it somewhere– Doing koozies for your guests? Add the hashtag. Incorporate it into your centerpiece. Or simply handing out a printed program, fan, etc? Print your hashtag on them so guests will know where to share, and voila! You’re on your way to seeing all the great snaps from your wedding!


Photo credits:  “20 Creative Ways to Display Your Wedding Hashtag” from the

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