Foolproof Guide to Planning Party Food

One of the biggest challenges of planning an event is figuring out the right quantity of food and drinks to have on hand. You never want to run out, but you also don’t want to waste money by ordering a ton of extra stuff. It’s important to have a head count in mind (and, if you’re ever a guest, why it’s important that you RSVP so your host can plan accordingly) so you can order the right amount. If you know how many are coming, the guide below can help you plan your order!


  • Sandwiches & Main Dishes 1.5 serving per 1 guest
  • Side dishes 1.5 cups per 1 guest
  • Fruits & Veggies 2 large platters per 25 guests
  • Appetizers (before a meal) 6 pieces per guest


  • Cupcakes 1.5 cupcakes per 1 guest
  • Cookies (med sized) 3 cookies per 1 guest
  • Candy ½ cup per 1 guest
  • Ice cream 1 cup per 1 guest


  • Lemonade, punch or tea 4 gallons per 25 guests
  • Alcoholic drinks 1.5 drinks per hour per 1 guest

Bonus: Want to keep drinks cold all night long? Dot’s has a variety of tins, tubs and drink dispensers to help you serve in style.  Serving hot drinks, like coffee? We can handle that as well.  Check out our full selection of party products!


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