6-Step Party Planning Countdown

Dot’s doesn’t just do wedding rentals! Let us help you plan birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, or just provide extras for your holiday gatherings.

One Month Out

  • Choose a theme. Think about colors, decor and entertainment. Visit Dot’s Rentals to see what items we have to meet your needs: extra tables, chairs, table linens, serving ware, etc.
  • Reserve your rental items with Dot’s. Make sure no one else books the items you want by reserving and paying your deposit early.
  • Set the time, date and place.
  • Create a guest list and send invites. Include time, date, location, RSVP info and any special notes, like attire or registry info.
  • Book major vendors. Pay any necessary deposits for venue, catering and entertainment.

Three Weeks Out

  • Research decorations and DIY ideas. Pinterest,
    magazines & blogs are great places to look for
  • Create a shopping list and to-do list. Include food, drink, party and DIY project supplies. Make a list of all tasks to be completed, large and small (ex: buy ice, make sandwiches, etc.)
  • Recruit help. Delegate out tasks to family or friends who are helping.

Two Weeks Out

  • Test drive any DIY projects.
  • Order any online purchases like decor, favors, & tableware.

One Week Out

  • Shop for groceries and supplies. Buy non-perishable groceries and supplies, like balloons and a helium tank.
  • Complete DIY projects. Finish any projects (centerpieces, etc.) that can be done in advance.

Two Days Out

  • Clean house (for at-home parties).
  • Pick up your rentals from Dot’s (we also offer delivery and pick up for larger items, like tables and chairs).
  • Purchase last minute perishables.
  • Confirm with vendors and helpers that everyone is ready to go.

The Day Before

  • Set up any furniture/tables. Place your Dot’s Rental tablecloths out and any food display pieces you will be using to make sure you like the layout.
  • Cook, bake, prepare food. Rinse and chop fruits and veggies. Cakes can be baked and sealed in airtight containers to be iced the day of your party.
  • Start decorating.

Party Day!

  • Add final decor & DIY’s. Inflate balloons, put flowers out, etc.
  • Chill ice and set food out.
  • Turn on the music.
  • Welcome guests and enjoy the party!


Did you know? Dot’s delivers.

Let us help with some of the legwork by delivering and picking up items once your party is over!


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