Don’t Forget the Chairs! 6 Ideas for Next Level Seating

Can you guess what one of our most popular rental items is for weddings and other events? Chairs.  Any time you bring a bunch of people together, they need a place to sit. Simple, right?

But that doesn’t mean the chairs have to be boring. From sashes to bows, we’ve come up with 6 ways to style chairs and bring in an element of fun to a guest necessity. Like we always say, it’s all about the details.

1. Sideswept with punchy floral accents

An offcenter sash across the top of the chair accented on one side with a sweet bouquet.

Pro tip: Save money by subbing in baby’s breath, eucalyptus or other greenery.

2. Sunshine Yellow Simplicity

A simple bow in a color complementary to the season or your wedding colors adds panache to plain white chairs.

3. Diagonal Drape in Lush Fabric

A diagonal dash of color in a color pretty enough for any fall gathering.

4. Sweet Rosettes

Accentuate your long, draped sashes to add an element of pop.


5. Braided and Flowing

Use several sashes for a full, romantic look.

6. Make it Monochrome

Pick one color and stick with it for elegant results.


Working with a tight budget? Just add accents to the chairs along the aisle for a similar effect for less.

Ready to reserve your seats? Dot’s Got It!
Visit our website or stop in and see us at 814 North Robison Road to see our full line of chairs and chair accents






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