Wedding Spotlight: Dreamy Outdoor Simplicity for Kristal & Jeremy Jewell

Like many Dot’s Rentals & Sales customers, Kristal Jewell is the do-it-yourself type. When she and Jeremy began to plan their wedding, they knew a simple outdoors ceremony at their home was the perfect fit for them. No event planners. No expensive rentals. No DJ or caterer.

Luckily for the Jewells, their wedding fell on a perfect fall evening—Columbus Day, actually. Guests walked across a freshly mowed field to witness the ceremony against a charming pastoral backdrop.

A sprawling tree branch paired with draped cloth (from Dot’s, of course) and rustic lanterns created an elegant altar for the Jewells.

“The staff at Dots was super helpful,” Kristal said. “They gave me some great ideas and helped me pair certain items together so I could really achieve the look I wanted. I even called later and added some items to my reservation, and they made it so easy. ”

“When Jeremy went to pick our rentals up, they had everything ready, and they even helped load and unload the items,” Kristal said. “I couldn’t be happier with the customer service at Dot’s!”

“I love baking and cooking, so I baked all of the cakes, cookies and snacks for the wedding,” Kristal said.

Cake stands and food stands from Dot’s provided the perfect neutral platform for her creations, which included classics like pineapple upside down cake (in cupcake format, of course), homemade chicken salad, sugar cookies, and—of course—several delicious cakes.

Along with Kristal’s homemade treats, guests enjoyed an outdoor s’mores bar and dined at tables decorated with Dot’s linens in royal purple and custom printed souvenir cups.

Creating a magical wedding experience doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive—just ask the Jewells. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Planning your own special event? Browse our rental items! Bonus: We are closed on Sundays so our staff can spend time with their families. If your rental spans the weekend, we’ll throw in Sunday for free. And if you are going for a certain look but aren’t sure how to achieve it, just ask. Our folks have great ideas!

We love hearing stories about how Dot’s Rentals & Sales helps people take their rentals to the next level! Have you used Dot’s for a wedding or special event? We’re always looking for more events to feature on our blog, so send us a message on Facebook and let us know!


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  1. Susan says:

    What a beautiful wedding and couple! Wonderfully written article.


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