Get to Know Dot’s Rentals & Sales

Chances are, if you’re a fan of Dot’s, you’ve come here to fill some specific need – chairs for a wedding, or a piece of expensive equipment for a one-time home improvement project. People are often surprised to learn about some of the services we offer, so this week, we want to help you get to know us a little better.

How many of these do you need? How many backups? Do they require any supplies for keeping them warm? We can help!

We’re here for brides and event planners.
We rent just about everything you need for a beautiful wedding (except for the husband- and wife-to-be… and the cake), but that’s not all. Can’t figure out what type of bow to tie on your chairs? Just ask. Confused about how many place settings you should rent for an upcoming event? We can help you figure it out! Our folks will even deliver and set up your tables and chairs if you need an extra hand. And if there’s something you wish you could rent but you don’t see it in our inventory, let us know. If you would rent it, someone else probably would, too!

We take Sundays off… And it works to your advantage.
We close at noon on Saturday and are closed all day Sunday so our employees can spend time with their families — we are a family business, after all! How does that benefit you? Well, you get to keep our stuff longer at no extra charge. If you rent a piece of equipment for a home project on a Saturday, it’s yours until Monday for the price of a one-day rental. It’s simple: employees who have a great work-life balance are happier and more effective workers, and we know that, well, sometimes those little one-day home projects can take a little longer than expected!

We’re all about cleaning.
In fact, we’ve got employees whose jobs are specifically to make sure your event rental items are in pristine condition. The folding chairs are cleaned and wrapped in plastic, the linens are laundered and thoroughly checked for damage, the tableware is scoured. We know that the last thing you need at a big event is to find lipstick stains on a glass, or a hole in a table cloth, so we take care of those details for you.

We’re all about maintenance, too.
You can’t see it from the front of our store, but we’ve got a great workspace for making sure all of our homeowner and contractor equipment is in proper working order. Just like you don’t want a lipstick stain on a glass at your wedding, you sure don’t want to get ready to start a big home project and find out your rented equipment won’t do its job.

Don’t know how to use this guy? Don’t worry – we can show you!

We’ll give you a crash course when you rent a piece of equipment.
If you’ve never used a piece of equipment before, like a floor buffer or a large sander, we want to make sure you feel comfortable using it before you leave our store. If you need help, our employees will walk you through how to use each item and give you tips on operating it efficiently and safely. And if it requires disposable parts or supplies to do its job, we most likely have those on hand, too – we can fix you up.

We’ve been proud to serve this community for 28 years. So the next time you are planning an event or a big project, remember… #DotsGotIt!


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