7 Ways to Use Whiskey & Wine Barrels at Your Next Party

Whiskey and wine barrels are having a moment right now. From rustic to fancy to backyard, there is a purpose and a place for barrels at weddings or gatherings. Check out 7 great ways that we came up with to incorporate barrels into your next party!

1.  Just add florals

Create a focal point for bouquets and arrangements by placing them on a barrel. (If you were at the 2017 Texarkana Bridal Fair, you saw us do this in person 😉

source: dfwevents.com
source: deerpearlflowers.com
2. Flowers not in your budget? Plants work, too.

These succulents placed on a scarf/handkerchief/doily would be a great addition to a backyard barbecue, baby shower, engagement party, etc.

3. Make a table.

Use two barrels together to create a table to hold drinks, food, cake, or whatever you’d like. You can get creative with what’s bridged between the barrels, also; we’ve seen old doors, barnwood, and even a plate of glass work beautifully!

source: deerpearlflowers.com
4. No seriously, make a table.

Yep, the barrel itself can be used as a table for guests to set drinks & bites while they mingle. Add stools to make pub tables.

source: storyboardwedding.com
5. Create a wall / barrier / entryway.

Use barrel placement to create “spaces” for your event. This is a good move for design and also helps your guests know where to go.

source: southernweddings.com
6. Create a functional focal point

Use barrels as a place for a guest book, favors, framed photos, or other decor that you want to make sure your guests stop to look at.

source: stylemepretty.com
7. Create a keepsake

Ask guests to sign your barrel! You can incorporate into your new home or garden to have a functional memento of your big day.


Ready to bring this look to life?  You’re in luck!
Dot’s Rentals & Sales at 814 N Robison Road has whiskey and wine barrels ready to rent or buy. Stop by or give us a call to reserve one (or ten) for your special day!

For more great ideas for your next party, wedding, or holiday gathering – follow us on Pinterest.






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