Wedding Spotlight: Rustic Charm for TeeAnn & James Boney


When TeeAnn and James Boney chose a rustic barn in Linden for their wedding venue, they knew they wanted a country setting that was true to their roots, but they didn’t want to sacrifice elegance. With the help of decorator Mindy Preston and a selection of affordable rentals from Dot’s Rentals & Sales, the Boneys were able to celebrate their nuptials in a ceremony that captured their style and personality.

We spoke with Mindy about how she helped the Boneys get ready for their big day.

“She wanted a rustic wedding,” Mindy said. “They live in the country and wanted the wedding to have a country feel, and the barn was the perfect venue.”

“We knew we wanted a lot of green ferns to fill out the outdoor space, and I knew that Dot’s Rentals had the exact planters we needed to perfect the scene,” Mindy said. “TeeAnn wanted clean and simple, and these did the trick!”

“The ‘LOVE’ is stunning wherever it is,” she said. “It doesn’t matter where it is; everybody loves it. Aside from a chandelier we constructed in the barn, the ‘LOVE’ really was the focal point of the reception decor. When people walked in, that’s what they saw.”

“We knew her cake was going to be decorated with rosettes, and the rosette tablecloth from Dot’s Rentals & Sales turned out to be the perfect accessory for the cake table,” Mindy said.

“Drapery from Dot’s really helped us set the scene and made a gorgeous backdrop for photos,” Mindy said. “We also used Dot’s for staples like white tablecloths. They are a joy to work with and affordable for just about any budget.”

Mindy is a self-proclaimed Dot’s Rentals & Sales fan.

“I love Dot’s not only for their merchandise, but also for their customer service,” she said. “They know who I am. They speak to me when I walk in. If I call them and ask for another tablecloth, they know exactly what I need. They’ll deliver, and they’ll pick up. In all the events we’ve done together, they have never been late—not once.”

Mindy said affordable prices help, but there’s more to love about Dot’s.

“I would choose to rent from them over anybody else,” she said. “It isn’t just one person who’s nice—it’s everybody, from the sales staff to the delivery guys. If you need help, they’re there to help you.”

We love hearing stories about how Dot’s Rentals & Sales helps people take their rentals to the next level! Have you used Dot’s for a wedding or special event? We’re always looking for more events to feature on our blog, so send us a message on Facebook and let us know!



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